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Our Recent Jill Chivers Luncheon


Each month we have – Business Luncheons with Guest Speakers plus – Business Networking Evenings, Educational Seminars, Discussion Groups and Dinner Events. Our meetings are near to the city on the lower north shore. Here’s a place whereby you can share in person to gain new customers and support for your business.

Where do you meet like minded business owners to build new connections and make new contacts?

Oh, and by the way … you don’t have to be a business owner just to visit our functions to hear our fantastic speakers. These functions are here to inspire anyone who is working on their business ideas who wants to learn from (and mix with) other business achievers.

What to expect at our up coming business meetings here in Sydney.

Our meetings are built around these values:

One of our Expert Guest Speakers - Tony Arena - in 2011

  • General Networking / Learn How to Grow Your Business
  • Hearing a guest speaker who will inspire and motivate you in your business pursuit
  • Being able to give a brief introduction of yourself to the group (if you are too shy this isn’t obligatory)
  • Participating in discussion at your table at the event with other SME business owners / CEOs
  • A networking table for those attending on the day, place your business card or flyer on the table

We like to create a sense of friendliness. You will not be badgered into simply offer referrals, for the mere sake of doing so, like some clubs do. Here you can relax and make friends while enjoying the meeting. Most of our Business Luncheons are held at Crows Nest and our Brainstorming Dinners are held in diverse places such as Milson’s Point, Glebe, Paddington or Neutral Bay. We encourage a sense of community, encouragement and true business education.

Our Jam Packed Business Builder Seminar in July 2011 - Great Learning Networking

Business networking after all needs to be fun, less formal and yet still focused on creating the right environment for you to mix and mingle. If you like to learn from great professional business speakers, and we can attract some of Sydney’s best talented names plus visiting business identities.

If being at a meeting is where it’s at, we feel that you’ll be able to not only do business with those you meet at the group, but also make lifelong friends too.

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Become The Client You Wish To Attract

Become The Client You Wish To Attract

© David Newton – March 20, 2013

Have you been searching for the right type of customers in your business?

But all you’ve found is people who don’t spend or price shop you or prospective customers who waste your time or people who don’t seem to come back to you after “thinking about it”.

Well this might sound a bit “new agey” but have you ever considered that life and business is just a mirror?

What we attract in business is often just a mirror of what we think and act out in our own lives.

For example: When you deal with your own buying experience with day to day purchases, do you encounter seeing yourself –

• Complain about service or delivery of items you buy each day?

• Do you bitch, moan and bargain over prices – even with seemingly minor items?

• Do you ask for refunds and re-delivery of items or services you order?

• Do you shun people who make big dollars and claim they did so by way illegal means?

• Do you often tell salespeople; “Thanks for the info, now I’ll think about it” (but you never do)

Okay now – ask yourself what type of clients you have in your own business at the moment?

Let me say this – if your answer isn’t what you want to hear, chances are it’s also a refection of what’s going on in your own life at the same time.

Do your competitors or your colleagues in business seem to have all the big breaks?
Its time to take a closer look – and what I mean is look at the person’s attitude to their buying experiences in the world and how they live. Do they have an abundance mind-set? Do they have a cheerful attitude to dealing with customers and customer service?

Attracting Higher Value Customers

There’s a saying that we can’t really attract customers at a level above where we are playing the game at right now.

So if you want higher net wealth clients – you need to walk in their world and be willing to buy also at their same level.

Here’s what you should consider –

Be willing to buy at the level for which you are aiming to sell at. E.G. if you’re selling a $5,000 deal to customers, be yourself willing to follow thru and buy other similar products available to you.

Do you want to stop bargain hunters? Then try to offer adding more value to what you sell and really look at “the steak or main dish” of your product or service. Build the value of what you sell and look at the whole package. (I.E. give more = receive more)

Spend a day or two living as if you were one of your higher value clients – this might mean for you to eat a meal at a high value restaurant or buy an item at a high value retail shop. Im sure you know – you probably have just tried to avoid those places out of being thrifty.

“The rich get richer. Not only because they have surpluses with which to invest, but because of the overriding emotional release they experience from having wealth.”
- Stuart Wilde

It was Stuart Wilde who once wrote a book called “Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle” this tiny book the size of your palm was very popular. But the theme of what was writing about holds a message for today.

Money is energy and attracting it is pretty much all about your own mindset and beliefs about money.

You only get what you believe true and possible. Sadly many people only reinforce negative beliefs and feelings about money all their time on the world. And that’s what they only see.

You Attract Customers To Your Business The Same Way

How we attract a life partner, money, customers is all the same thing. Its our mindset and our thoughts that bring into reality what our core beliefs hold.

However, you do hold the power to change what you attract. The first step is to “BE” the customer you wish to attract. Play at a higher level, in mind and body. Think at a higher level and reflect this in your daily life. Mix with people who hold views from the level of the clients you want in your business. Then attraction will come easier for you.

Suggested Reading:

“The trick to money is having some”
By Stuart Wilde

“Wildly Wealthy Fast”
By Sandy Forster

“Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind”
By T Harv Eker

“Your Millionaire Attitude”
By Pam Brossman

David Newton – regularly holds social Authors and Writers Business Events in Sydney www.MyBookPublishingJourney.com  -  He also has a social walks group in Sydney www.SydneyWalking.com plus many other events www.FineArtOfMeetingPeople.com

Building Your Customer Base Through Engagement

Building Your Customer Base Through Engagement
© David Newton

Creating a loyal customer base can be great fun. You’ll also build a strong cash flow if you do it right and your business will thrive.

Maybe I’m a slow learner, but its now working for me doing some simple steps and actually having fun with my business as I’m having fun with my customers.

Let Me Explain -
With the advent of social media we’ve all seen many business people start their “fan pages” and join up to every type of social media site around.

This Is Good. However It’s Only A Beginning
As some of you know I run a few social events groups. Even I’ve taken to changing the tack on how I run my business using “social media techniques” as inspiration for connecting with my customers at a deeper level.

How Do I Do This?
Simply put, I’ve started holding free coffee morning get togethers. Well the coffee isn’t free but the event is held free of charge. My clients only need to buy a cuppa to be involved at the event.

What Did I Discover?
People who had been on my mailing list for ages came forward to attend plus newbies also joined up too. It was super great fun. A time forget my pursuit of “the deal” and simply enjoy time with my people.

Give Something – And Yes They Will Love You Back
Not more than a couple of weeks afterwards did I find that some of those attending were paying customers to my events and bring their friends who they referred onto my business.

In the near future I’m also going to take my group to free film events at the art gallery NSW as well as other items of interest and still keep doing my free coffee mornings. All the while, this type of thing is what helps me to connect and bring my group closer to me and as a group we all have fun.

What Price Is Goodwill?
In recent years we’ve seen a swagger of business speakers water down the concept of “goodwill” value in a business. We’ve also seen many speakers say run your business on auto pilot and other mantras of the new age of success.

While these things ARE important. They shouldn’t be at the expense of connecting with your customer base!

There is only so much you can delegate and so much you can put on auto pilot. I know I already do these things with auto-responders and booking systems etc. But what they forget is that you can’t automate a real connection with your customers.

At some stage after people have joined your database and get newsletters they want to see a real person. They want to hear from your other customers – they can get all of that at a café event.

I’ve discovered that my regular customers share with the newbies about how good my walks are and encourage them to book into events. The new people also make new friends with my regulars who connect with them on the day. Plus they also connect with you on the day too.

The power of these gestures of kindness are far reaching. Its not uncommon that a lost customer will be revived by meeting people at a café event which quells any fears they had about returning to your business beforehand.

Walk A Mile In Your Customer’s Moccasins -
If you only see your business from your limited world – that’s about all you’ll ever get. When you open up and have fun chatting with your clients and making friends with new ones, you hear their feelings and you learn how they live their lives. Its the best form of customer surveying you can do is casual conversation.

In Short Here Are The Benefits;
• Build customer good will
• Hear your clients needs and wants
• Build customer connections
• Let your new prospective clients hear from your current clients
• Let your current clients “sell” your services for you – live testimonials in conversation
• Have a happy enjoyable time with all your people
• Give yourself a chance to sell future events or products

The problem with many business owners is that they sit in ivory towers. There’s a tendency for business owners of all kinds to sit in a comfortable world of their own. By doing this they stop trying new things or mixing at the level of the customer and think what they see is all there is to know. Nothing could be more damaging than this.

You need to get outside of yourself and like the king who donned clothes of a commoner, and walked freely among his subjects to hear what they were saying.

How to get started?
This could be as simple as holding a wine and cheese night for your clients and their friends. Or you could try doing a free seminar where you q and a all your clients questions. You could also try doing the café n chat events that I’ve been doing. Many things you can do to engage your customers will cost you nothing or next to nix. But the rewards will astound you, if only you give it a try.

David Newton – regularly holds social business events in Sydney www.EntrepreneursSydney.com He also has a social walks group in Sydney www.SydneyWalking.com plus many other events www.fineartofmeetingpeople.com